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Kenn Manous Alpha Honors Scholarship Gala

The purpose of the gala is to recognize our annual high school scholarship recipients as well as pay respect to pillars of the community. We have given over $70,000 in scholarships to graduating high school seniors throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan over the years and provided a platform for community leaders to espouse upon their service in leadership during the gala. 

Our goal this year is to increase our scholarship awards and awardees as well as to grow our funding to support our other community initiatives which focus on mentoring and educating our youth.

Kenn Manous Scholarship

The Kenn Manous Scholarship Application is currently open now through May 1st. It can be accessed via QR Code or by clicking this link KM Scholarship Application

For more information contact us at or visit

Mark Saunders Scholarship

Students can apply anytime during the academic school year.

The purpose of this scholarship is to provide assistance for college students that may be experiencing challenges during their current semester. This scholarship is intended for student who are originally from the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.  Student may also apply if there are currently attending  college in the area. A short application is required to apply for this scholarship. Interested students can request and application at: or visit to download the application.

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